SuperStarters is a sports-based youth development company that offers sports & life skill programs to help kids be better teammates in sports and in life! SuperStarters coaches focus on tennis and pro-social skills, such as listening, sharing, being supportive, getting to know peers, and teamwork, so that children are more ready to play, learn and grow through sports!

A Message From Dr. Ellen

Whether on the court, or in a classroom, nothing brings me greater joy than watching someone have an “aha” moment, when something clicks and learning is happening. I love to coach and facilitate personal growth. I am passionate about the power of sport to unlock our super powers, and help people find their “super selves.”

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Coaching Tennis

Tennis, like life, is a journey, and I focus on the process, rather than the outcomes. I incorporate elements of mindfulness, positive psychology, yoga, martial arts, & sport psychology to help players enjoy tennis, and hopefully gain insights and awareness about themselves in the process of improving their tennis.

Sports, and especially tennis, have always been my passion, and my background as a player, educator, teacher, coach & mental skills trainer provide me with many resources to draw from in my coaching. I bring a unique blend of technical, physical and mental expertise to coaching to help my students play, learn and grow on the court. My approach is holistic, focusing on the whole person, and the growth process.

coaching tennis

Coaching the Mind: Mental Toughness Training

Just like physical skills, mental skills are skills that can be learned and developed to enhance our performance in sports and in life. It is important to practice our mental skills along with our physical sport and technical skills to be our super selves. Mental skills include things like focus, confidence, belief, resilience, fortitude, positivity, self-regulation, and emotional control.

I take a holistic approach to support you in discovering your super powers, and together we figure out which tools in the sport psych arsenal will help you gain the edge you need to be your best when your best is needed. Physical and mental tools include breathing, meditation, imagery & visualization, positive energy, self-talk, release rituals, presencing, power words, mental toughness workouts.  

I believe we all have super powers, and self-awareness is the first step to discovering, developing, and dynamically demonstrating yours!

Imagine, believe and create the future you want in sports and in life!